Thomas Nowak

ENS Paris-Saclay

Junior Member
Institut Universitaire de France


I’m looking for excellent candidates for postdoc, PhD, and intern positions. If you’re interested in doing research with me, please write me an email.

Research Interests

  • distributed algorithms
  • synthetic biology
  • discrete-event systems
  • wireless ad-hoc networks of mobile agents


  • DREAMY: Distributed Algorithms in Microbiological Systems (ANR)
  • HicDiesMeus: Highly Constrained Discrete Agents for Modeling Natural Systems (DigiCosme)
  • ETSHI: Efficient Test Strategies for SARS-CoV-2 in Healthcare Institutions (Université Paris-Saclay/CARE)
  • BACON: Bacterial Consensus (CNRS)

Past projects:

  • COMBACT: Digital Communication Models for Bacteria (DIM RFSI)
  • ABIDE: Algorithms in Birth-Death Systems (CNRS)
  • DIGIT: Distributed Pulse Generation in Bacterial Colonies (DigiCosme)
  • DEMO: Delay Models for Microbiological Circuits (CNRS)
  • DICIMUS: Distributed Communication Models for Microbiological Circuits (Institut Farman)
  • DEPEC MODE: Deriving Phage Communication Models (Université Paris-Saclay)

Students and Post-Docs

  • Thomas Chevet, post-doc (co-supervised with Matthias Függer)
  • Fabricio Cravo, PhD student, started in 2021 (co-supervised with Janna Burman and Matthias Függer)
  • Gayathri Prakash, graduate research intern (co-supervised with Matthias Függer)
  • Margarita Shimanskaia, undergraduate research intern (co-supervised with Matthias Függer)
  • Zhuofan Xu, PhD student, started in 2022 (co-supervised with Benedikt Bollig and Matthias Függer)


  • Letícia Levin Diniz, graduate research intern (co-supervised with Matthias Függer)
  • Artur Piana, graduate research intern (co-supervised with Matthias Függer)
  • Anisse Belhadj, graduate research intern
  • Sirajo Bakura, PhD student, started in 2018, defended in 2021 (co-supervised with Alain Lambert)
  • Corbin Hopper, graduate research intern (co-supervised with Matthias Függer)
  • Victoria Andaur, undergraduate research intern
  • Bilal Manssouri, undergraduate research intern (co-supervised with Janna Burman)
  • DaJung Cho, post-doc (co-supervised with Matthias Függer)
  • Cheng-Yu Han, PhD student, started in 2015, defended in 2018 (co-supervised with Alain Lambert)
  • Quentin Soubeyran, graduate research intern, École Polytechnique Research Internship Prize 2019



  • CELLS 2022 (Computing among Cells) at DISC 2022, October 28, 2022, online
  • CELLS 2021 (Computing among Cells) at DISC 2021, October 8, 2021, online
  • CELLS 2020 (Computing among Cells) at DISC 2020, October 12, 2020, online
  • CELLS 2019 (Computing among Cells) at DISC 2019 on October 14, 2019, in Budapest
  • WENDY (Emergent Algorithms and Network Dynamics) on October 10-11, 2018, at Institut Henri Poincaré in Paris


  • SSS 2018 (PC member), PODC 2019 (Publication Chair), PODC 2020 (PC member), DISC 2020 (PC member), SAND 2023 (PC member), SIROCCO 2023 (PC member)


  • Fall 2022: Distributed Synthetic Biology (with M. Függer)



  • Transient Behavior of Distributed Algorithms and Digital Circuit Models, PhD thesis, École polytechnique, 2014.
  • Topology in Distributed Computing, Master's thesis, Vienna University of Technology, 2010.
  • Implementation and Evaluation of a Support Vector Machine on an 8-bit Microcontroller, Bachelor's thesis, Vienna University of Technology, 2008.


Thomas Nowak
Laboratoire Méthodes Formelles
ENS Paris-Saclay
Room 2S57
4, avenue des Sciences
91190 Gif-sur-Yvette

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